Doll shoe making

Doll shoe making


Let's talk about crafting doll shoes today. I have been making doll shoes for about 12 of my 25 years of doing craft shows. Doll shoes are fun to make. They can be easy like a basic flip flop or more challenging like tennis shoes.

Every good pair of doll shoes for the American Girl dolls needs a solid base. That is where doll shoe soles come in. They are made from 5mm foam and are the part of the shoe you see when you turn them upside down. Having a well cut base makes a difference. You will find that the thicker the foam is the more challenging it is to cut. You also may need an inner layer that is made from chipboard. This will give your shoes more stability.

I started using a die cut to get a consistent cut every time it make them. These dies for doll shoe soles were sold from Punch Place Plus but they are not any more. You can have a die made but they run around $200. The dies are worth it if you make a lot of shoes but you must send in digital files and measurements to get one produced and it takes several weeks to do one. This is why I sell the doll shoe soles and the chipboard inner soles. My commitment is to bring you a quality sole at a reasonable price. 

I am always willing to field any questions you may have about making doll shoes on my facebook page. I look forward to helping you out in your crafting ventures. 









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